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12 Color Soap Colorant Soap Dye

  • ✔ATTRACTIVE COLOR - 12 color bright colorants, which easy to disperse and blend, can create a variety of different shades of color as you like. Simply blend them to achieve your own custom colors. Unleash your creativity!
    ✔SAFE & PREMIUM - Our dyes are created with pure ingredients which TOXIC FREE, IRRITATION FREE, STAIN-FREE, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, BABY FRIENDLY. And our improved formula can make your DIY soaps and bath bombs stay clear and vibrant for longer.
    ✔EASY TO USE - Different from MICA, liquid colorants are no prep required, and doesn't require a higher usage rate. What's more, we provide 14 instructions(e-Guide) including recipes and steps for you to enjoy our water soluble colorants!
    ✔WIDELY USED - The vivid colorants can be used for dyeing Melt & Pour SOAPS, COLD PROCESS SOAPS, BATH BOMBS, BATH SALT, SLIME, PLAYDOUGH etc. Give your creations an eye-catching pop of color with our beautifully bright liquid soap dye.
    ✔ECONOMICAL - 100% money back guarantee. It comes with 12 bottles(total 2.52oz) of colorants. A few drops will transform your soap from blah to beautiful. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and enjoy the surprise in every drop!
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Looking for liquid soap colorants to spruce up your D.I.Y handmade soaps and bath bombs?  Then how about getting the most vivid ones on the market! Competitively priced to give you great value for money! Start creating the prettiest of soaps and bath products with our liquid soap dyes. You could also produce amazing crafts!

Package Included :
- 12 x Soap Colorant;
(Red, Pink, Violet, Orange, Teal, Lake Blue, Navy, Purple, Green, Chartreuse, Yellow, Black)

Claim your BONUS eGuide by following the instructions in the package.
Each dye might have different consistency and some products will require more dye than others. So in order to avoid "overdose", make sure to add a little at a time to see what color you want to achieve.

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